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  • The correct technique and posture of using an electric shaver

  • 2023-06-24 20:09:48
  • An electric razor consists of sharp blades covered with a fine mesh. The mesh catches the hairs, which are then gently cut by the blades under the mesh.
  • An electric razor consists of sharp blades covered with a fine mesh. The mesh catches the hairs, which are then gently cut by the blades under the mesh.

    If you prefer to shave with an electric razor, you must first trim the hair into short stubble, as electric razors are not good at cutting longer hairs. If you don't shave every day, or after a few days, you'll need to trim your hair with a trimmer before shaving.

    Electric shavers are divided into two types: reciprocating and rotary. They are used in different ways. Using the wrong method will cause skin problems and reduce efficiency. Therefore, I have summarized the main points of using the two types of shavers:

    How to use a reciprocating razor

    1. Shave in the direction of facial hair growth

    Find the direction of beard growth and shave in that direction.

    If you shave against the direction of growth, the skin will easily become sensitive and prone to skin damage. Although it will be troublesome at first, it will become very easy after two or three times.

    2. Hand position for holding the shaver

    Keep the shaver at a 90-degree angle to the face, keep the electric shaver in contact with the facial skin, and shave comfortably with moderate strength.

    3. Stretch the skin to make the hair stand out

    Hold the shaver with one hand and stretch the facial skin with the other to make the facial hair stand up so that the hair can be easily caught and cut by the mesh guard without excessive pressure causing skin irritation.

    It can be a bit of a hassle when shaving the chin and jaw line, you need to move your head back a bit so you can raise your chin a bit and only then will you get a clean shave.

    4. Mix long and short strokes

    Since the hair on the cheek area grows in the same direction, you can simply use the longer strokes on the cheeks. However, where the hair grows in different directions, a shorter approach and multiple careful trims are required.

    5. Don't apply excessive pressure

    If you have sensitive skin, be sure not to shave too hard. It is best to use the latest models of razors, such as the Braun 7 series and other advanced models of Braun shavers, the newer models do not need to apply extra pressure to catch the hair. But low-model razors have to be pressed hard to get better results.

    Everyone's skin type is different, so it's best to experiment and see what works best for you. If the beard is fine, or the facial hair is not very thick, there is no need to apply extra pressure, too much pressure may cause nicks and cuts.

    6. Clean the shaver after use

    The shaver must be cleaned after each use, especially after a wet shave. To better maintain the hygiene and performance of your shaver, it is important to remove shaving foam or gel and clogged hair from the shaving heads.

  • Data Source: fanshop.com
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