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  • 2023-06-24 20:19:38
  • The electric razor is a rare beauty property for men, because it can quickly and easily restore a man's neat image.
  • The electric razor is a rare beauty property for men, because it can quickly and easily restore a man's neat image.

    But what if the electric shaver becomes dull, or simply fails? Most people would run out and buy a new one, not knowing that electric shavers can be repaired themselves.

    In this article, I will introduce you to the troubleshooting and maintenance skills of electric shavers, so that you will not waste money in vain.

    Troubleshooting Electric Shavers

    Most of the time, shaver problems can be easily identified and fixed. It just takes a little patience and some troubleshooting skills.

    If your shaver is plugged in and it's not working at all, check the outlet power first. If it is a rechargeable razor, please make sure they are fully charged, you can press the switch to test while plugging in to check whether it is working properly.

    If your battery-operated shaver is running, but slowly, you may also want to check its charge. Make sure the battery is fully charged, if that doesn't work, you can try replacing the battery.

    Also, if the shaver catches your dander, check the shaver for damage or corrosion inside and out. You may need to have it serviced to make sure everything is clean.

    Beyond these basics, it also depends on the type of electric shaver you use. There are reciprocating shavers and rotary shavers. While they both do the same thing, the way they work will be a little different.

    Reciprocating electric shaver maintenance

    Before servicing an electric shaver, you absolutely must remove it from the power source. Before you start, unplug it from the wall or remove the battery.

    You need to remove the head assembly, which is held in place by a pressure button, screw, or clip. Next, remove the filter from the handpiece and clean it thoroughly. If this part is corroded or damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

    You'll find a vane assembly inside the shaker assembly that can be cleaned with canned air. There may be dirt or hair stuck there that needs to be removed. Then lubricate your razor according to the owner's manual instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Also, it is recommended that the foils of this type of razor be replaced at least once a year. The more you use it, the more the foil wears down and it can develop holes that can cause the device to pinch your skin or even cut you. You can find videos online showing how to replace the foil.

    Rotary Shaver Maintenance

    Rotary Shaver Maintenance

    Don't forget to unplug the shaver or remove the batteries before starting maintenance.

    First, remove the shaving head unit from the housing before removing the shaving heads from the blade unit. Find a flat surface to place it on.

    Next, you can remove the guard and the blade assembly together for cleaning, or you can use the small brush or paintbrush that comes with the shaver. If the screen is corroded or damaged, it must be replaced.

    lubricated blade

    Also, it's important to lubricate the blades from time to time, but especially when you're taking the unit apart. Lubrication reduces the friction between the metals inside. It also makes the blade feel smoother on your face.

    Maintenance tips

    In order for a knife to function properly, you need to maintain it properly. Proper maintenance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in replacement razors.

    Clean immediately after each use

    Think of your razor as a luxury device that needs a little maintenance after every use. Just like you would clean any other expensive piece of equipment, you should clean your razor too.

    The razor will have a lot of hair sticking to the blades. The hair will glue with the oil, block the gap between the blades, reduce the efficiency of shaving, and even damage them. Follow the manufacturer's included guidelines for regular cleaning.

    Replace the blade

    Razor blades get dull after a lot of use, and if you use it every day and don't change your blades for over a year, your blades may wear down to the point where they pull on your hair instead of shaving it, which can lead to Skin irritation and uncomfortable shaving.

    If you shave frequently, it is recommended to replace the blades once a year to maintain the working efficiency of the shaver.

    Keep dry

    It is very important to keep your razor dry when not in use, as water will corrode and weaken the blades. You can keep the shaver in the standing position when not in use, or activate the shaver's dry setting to expel all the moisture.

    Don't overcharge

    Like most rechargeable devices, the battery should be unplugged when it's fully charged. Leaving it plugged in all the time can cause the battery to overheat, reducing its lifespan over time and ending up having to buy a new device.

    Wipe your blade

    Have a small brush ready for cleaning the blades. To use a stiffer brush, it will be easier to remove the hair from the blade. You can also use the brush that came with your shaver to remove buildup from the blades.


    For the normal operation of the equipment and comfortable shaving, it is best to clean and maintain the shaver from time to time. Without proper maintenance, a shaver is sure to fail quickly.

    There is no need to spend money on a new electric shaver when you can fix it yourself. Keep these tips in mind the next time you use your razor and save yourself quite a bit of money when things go wrong.

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