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  • Finding Their Signature Scent: How to Gift Fragrance Like a Pro

  • 2023-08-04 14:38:56
  • The holidays are a popular time to gift fragrance. But buying a scent for someone else can be hit or miss. Before grabbing a bottle, keep these fragrance gifting tips in mind.
  • The holidays are a popular time to gift fragrance. But buying a scent for someone else can be hit or miss. Before grabbing a bottle, keep these fragrance gifting tips in mind.

    Think About Their Personality

    Rather than focus on what you personally like, consider the recipient's unique personality and lifestyle. Selecting a fragrance that captures their essence will make your gift more meaningful.

    Is the person sporty or bookish? Drawn to nature or city life? Look for notes that mirror their interests. For an outdoor lover, try earthy fragrances with hints of timber or sage. Pick radiant florals for positive, sunshine-y types.

    Factor in Their Tastes

    Pay attention to the types of smells your giftee usually goes for. Do they prefer clean, fresh scents? Fruity top notes? Have they mentioned enjoying vanilla or sandalwood? This provides clues to the fragrance families they naturally lean towards.

    If you know their current perfume or cologne, research the main notes. For example, if they love Chanel No 5 (a floral-aldehyde), seek out other fragrances with similar feminine, rosy tones. This reduces the risk of gifting something too different from their signature style.

    Give it a Test Run

    Never select a fragrance purely based on how it smells in the bottle. Fragrances react differently when applied to skin. Always do a test spray on your wrist or forearm.

    Pay attention to how the scent develops on your skin over time. Take note of the transition between top, middle and base notes. Then determine if the fragrance seems suited to the recipient.

    Consider Unisex/Genderless Fragrances

    Traditionally, fragrances have been marketed specifically to men and women. But there's been a shift towards more gender-inclusive, unisex scents. Popular options like Chanel Gabrielle, DedCool Milk and Tom Ford Beau de Jour appeal across gender lines.

    Unisex fragrances make smart gifts when you're buying for someone whose preferences you don't know well. They offer more versatility and have a broader, crowd-pleasing appeal.

    Seek Out Sample Sets

    Not sure where to begin? Fragrance sampler sets take the guesswork out of gifting. Leading perfume houses like Chanel, YSL and Sephora all offer fragrance gift sets showcasing several of their most popular scents.

    Recipient can experiment with a range of options to find their next signature. Seek mini sizes where available so they can trial before committing to a full bottle.

    Consider Lifestyle Factors

    How and when will the recipient use their new fragrance? For an everyday scent, stick with lighter eau de toilette or parfum. Reserve more opulent perfume oils for evening.

    Portability also matters. If they travel frequently or commute, lean towards fragrances with rollerball applicators like Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu. They slip easily into a purse or gym bag.

    Gifting fragrance may seem tricky, but keeping the recipient's unique personality and tastes in mind goes a long way. With the right pick, you can help them discover their new signature scent.

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