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    • Electric Multifunctional Shaver: The Ultimate Grooming Tool for Men

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    • The Electric Multifunctional Shaver features wireless charging, smart shaving, 7-blade efficient and convenient shaving, floating head comfortable and comprehensive shaving, dry and wet dual shaving IPX6 waterproof, plug and play, convenient and quick, double-ring knife net, deep shaving, and low noise life noise reduction. Achieve a close, comfortable shave every time with the Electric Multifunctional Shaver.
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    Product Name: Electric Multifunctional Shaver/Bald Head Machine

    Product Model: V-1360

    Product Color: Gun Color

    Product Size: 7X8.5X8.5cm

    Product Weight: 0.2Kg (Bare Machine)

    Product Weight: 0.4Kg (With Standard Color Box Packaging) 0.45Kg (With Color Box Five-Piece Set)

    Product Features:

    Wireless charging

    Smart shaving

    7-blade efficient and convenient

    Floating head comfortable and comprehensive

    Dry and wet dual shaving IPX6 waterproof

    Plug and play

    Convenient and quick

    Double-ring knife net

    Deep shaving

    Low noise life noise reduction

    Product Benefits:

    Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip

    Wet and dry shaving

    Long-lasting battery life

    High-definition LCD digital display

    Customizable sets (please consult customer service)

    Full body washable design, can be directly rinsed under the faucet

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Multifunctional Shaver/Bald Head Machine

    Product Model: V-1360

    Rated Power: 5W

    Cleaning Method: Whole Body Washable

    Usage Time: 60 Minutes

    Product Model: V-1360

    Rated Voltage: 5V-- USB

    Charging Method: USB Charging

    Charging Time: 90 Minutes

    Reviews ( 2 )
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