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    • Electric Multifunctional Shaver: The Ultimate Grooming Tool for Men

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    • The Electric Multifunctional Shaver features a 5-way independent floating cutter head, ultra-thin double-ring cutter net, self-grinding blade, LED display system, and multiple functions including nose hair trimmer, sideburn device, and facial cleanser. Experience a close, comfortable shave every time with the Electric Multifunctional Shaver.
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    Product Name: Electric Multifunctional Shaver

    Product Model: FB-507

    Product Color: Silver, Gun Color (Customizable)

    Packing Quantity: 50 PCS/Carton

    Product Size: 6X17X7cm

    Product Weight: 0.15Kg (Bare Machine)

    Product Weight: 0.25Kg (With Color Box Packaging)

    Color Box Size: 9X20.5X7.5cm

    Product Features:

    Electric multi-functional shaver

    Three-speed adjustment, three-speed acceleration

    Fast charging, lithium battery

    LCD high-definition digital display

    Freely match the set (please consult customer service)

    USB charging, more convenient

    Product Benefits:

    Full body washable, wet and dry shaving

    IPX5 waterproof, the whole machine can be directly immersed in water for cleaning, rejecting bacteria, grease, and mites. It can be used wet and dry, and supports intelligent water washing prompts.

    Keep it clean at all times.

    The split-type cutter head assembly can be easily removed and washed.

    5-way independent floating cutter head, flexibly adapts to the face shape, and shaves cleanly in multiple directions.

    The three groups of independent floating cutter heads increase the shaving area by 1/3 compared with ordinary double-head shavers. The touch is smooth, elastic and close to the face, and adapts to different face shapes.

    The ultra-thin double-ring cutter net doubles the efficiency and does not leave stubble.

    The cutter net and cutter blade are both double-ring designs, which greatly increase the contact area between the cutter net and the face. The shaving efficiency is multiplied, and the finely crafted ultra-thin cutter net cuts the beard more smoothly.

    Double-ring cutter net, ultra-thin mesh surface.

    Self-grinding blade, the sharper it is, the more you use it.

    Precise fit, the blade automatically grinds the cutter head when shaving, keeping it sharp and durable.

    Blade self-grinding.

    LED display system

    Carefully developed, LED display, precise control, intelligent reminder.

    One machine with multiple functions, comprehensive grooming, stylish men, and charming charm.

    Nose hair trimmer, sideburn device, facial cleanser, free matching, to meet your multiple needs.

    Experience upgrade, convenience is not just one side.

    Quick disassembly and assembly, foolproof bayonet.

    Each accessory has a foolproof design, with a raised vertical bar on the bottom. Face the shaver, press down lightly, and you will hear a "click" sound.

    LED intelligent display system.

    Ergonomic streamlined body.

    Non-slip diamond texture.

    USB charging port.

    Charge for 1 hour and use for 60 days.

    Charging for about 5 minutes is enough to complete a shave. It takes only 1 hour to fully charge and lasts for 60 minutes. Calculated based on an average shaving time of 1.5 minutes, it can be used continuously for 60 days* The specific situation is slightly different depending on personal usage habits.

    When charging is complete, the battery level is displayed as 100%.

    The battery indicator light stays on.

    Insert the USB charging cable into the shaver and the other end into the computer or charger with a USB interface.

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Product Model: FB-507

    Optional Accessories: Sideburn Device, Facial Cleanser, Nose Hair Trimmer

    Rated Power: 3W

    Rated Voltage: 5V USB

    Charging Time: 60 Minutes

    Product Net Weight: 129g

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