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    • Electric Body Hair Trimmer for Men: Multifunctional and Efficient Grooming

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    • Multifunctional design: suitable for trimming all body hair, including head hair, beard, chest hair, underarms, groin, back, arms, legs, and buttocks.Ceramic cutter head: high-quality ceramic cutter head, stainless steel sharp-angled blades fit closely and self-grind, the sharper they are, the more they are used, protecting the skin and preventing hair from getting stuck.USB charging: 1.5 hours charging time, 120 minutes discharge time, multiple charging methods for easy carrying.Built-in lighting: even in dark areas, hair can be easily removed, making hair removal more convenient.IPX-level full-body waterproof: IPX-level full-body waterproof, the whole machine can be directly rinsed for easy cleaning, supporting dry shaving, wet shaving, and bathing shaving.Limit comb: 4 detachable positioning shaving combs, corresponding to 5 length requirements, easily shave out your style.
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    Product Name: Electric Body Hair Trimmer

    Product Features:

    Multifunctional design, suitable for trimming all body hair

    USB fast charging, charging and plugging dual-use, base charging can be freely selected

    Large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life, sharp and safer

    Digital screen power display

    Built-in lighting design, one-key start

    Full-body washable design, can be directly rinsed under the tap

    Equipped with 4 limit combs of different lengths, novices can become masters in seconds

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Private Trimmer

    Product Model: V-979

    Product Color: Black

    Product Size: 4X15.5X3.5cm

    Product Weight: 0.1Kg (bare machine)

    Product Weight: 0.2Kg (with color box packaging standard) 0.25Kg (with color box with base)

    Color Box Size: 11.7X18.1*5.6cm (standard) 13.5X5.5V23.4cm (with base)

    Product Benefits:

    Multi-functional grooming: not only suitable for haircuts, but also for other areas such as chest/underarms/hips/head/bikini line

    Ceramic cutter head: gently push to shave without tingling

    USB charging: safe and fast charging, multiple charging methods for easy carrying

    Built-in lighting: clean more thoroughly

    IPX-level full-body waterproof: more worry-free to use

    Limit comb: control the length of hair and easily create your own style

    Large-capacity lithium battery: 1.5 hours charging time, 120 minutes discharge time

    Reviews ( 37 )
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