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    • 7D Electric Shaver for Men: New Upgrade, Intelligent and Efficient Shaving

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    • New upgraded intelligent technology: effectively improve shaving efficiency.7 cutter heads, efficient and convenient: floating close to the face, comfortable and comprehensive.Dry and wet double shaving, IPX6 waterproof: plug and play, convenient and quick.Double-ring cutter net, deep clean: low-noise life noise reduction.The cutter head can be replaced: one machine with multiple functions, 6 cutter heads can be replaced, the cost performance is greatly upgraded, and you can match it at will to meet your needs.
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    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Product Features:

    New upgraded intelligent 7D shaving

    Sweeping beard, shaving in one second

    7 cutter heads, efficient and convenient

    Floating close to the face, comfortable and comprehensive

    Dry and wet double shaving, IPX6 waterproof

    Plug and play, convenient and quick

    Double-ring cutter net, deep clean

    Low-noise life noise reduction

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Rated Power: 5W

    Rated Voltage: 100-240V

    Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

    Usage Time: About 60 Minutes

    Waterproof Rating: IPX6

    Blade Type: 7 Floating Blades

    Charging Display: LED Indicator

    Cleaning Method: Whole Body Washable

    Color: Black

    Product Benefits:

    Upgrade intelligent technology to effectively improve shaving efficiency

    High-speed motor, strong motor, high speed and low noise, stable and efficient, suitable for all hair types

    Automatic grinding cutter head, the cutter head self-grinds, the sharper it is, the more it is used, and it maintains a good shaving state

    The double-ring cutter net design increases the beard entering area, and the inner and outer ring net teeth work together with the blade to double the shaving efficiency

    IPX6 waterproof, rinse immediately after use for greater convenience

    Open the cutter head release button and wash it directly under running water

    Intelligent shaving, independent floating 7 cutter heads, point, line, and surface floating adjustment, close to the facial contour, capturing the difficult-to-shave parts such as lip peaks and jaws, and deep cleaning

    1.5H fast charging, plug and play, a full charge can be used continuously for about 60 minutes

    The cutter head can be replaced, one machine with multiple functions, 6 cutter heads can be replaced, the cost performance is greatly upgraded, and you can match it at will to meet your needs

    Reviews ( 4 )
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