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    • Electric Hair Clipper for Men: Powerful Motor, Sharp and Does Not Hurt Hair

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    • Powerful motor, sharp and does not hurt hair.Fast charging, large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life.LCD power display.Equipped with 4 limit combs of different sizes.USB charging, more convenient.
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    Product Name: Electric Hair Clipper

    Product Features:

    Powerful motor, sharp and does not hurt hair

    Fast charging, large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life

    LCD power display

    Equipped with 4 limit combs of different sizes

    USB charging, more convenient

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Hair Clipper

    Product Model: V-602

    Product Color: Gun Color, Black, Green

    Product Weight: 0.3Kg (bare machine)

    Product Weight: 0.33Kg (with color box packaging)

    Color Box Size: 11.4X4.8X19.5cm

    Product Benefits:

    Small and portable, free to create a family hairdresser, portable hair clipper, novice operation, good choice for personal use

    Core selling point: low noise, strong power, stainless steel cutter head, cutter head washing, digital display, 200 minutes of discharge, 2 hours of fast charging, 5W high power, USB charging and plugging

    R-shaped sharp-angled cutter head, wear-resistant stainless steel cutter head, safe arc-shaped cutter teeth protect hair, and all are rounded

    One machine in hand, I have a hairstyle: oily head/engraving/pushing white/gradient/trimming/haircut, fashion at will, retro oily head, trendy style, changeable造型

    The cutter head can be washed directly with water, which is more convenient and hygienic

    Four limit combs make haircutting a breeze. Self-control the limit length, and the operation is extremely simple. Even people without any haircutting experience can easily get started

    3mm limit comb, 1 mm limit comb, 2mm limit comb, 4mm limit comb

    USB charging/TYPE-C fast charging, USB charging plug, can be used while charging, support mobile phone 5V charger, car and other USB interface charging

    Mobile phone charger, power bank, computer, car

    Portable and easy to carry, simple and lightweight design, a must-have for men's travel, small and does not take up space

    Efficient lithium battery discharges for 200 minutes, refusing to power off and get stuck

    Large-screen LCD display, real-time control of power

    LCD display, real-time power, bid farewell to the danger of stuck hair

    Outstanding, paranoid about details, fine workmanship, and用心制作 every detail

    LCD display, the display screen shows the percentage of the remaining power of the current shaving and cutting

    Stainless steel cutter head, safe and does not get stuck

    Stylish haircut at will

    USB charging, universal interface charging, real plug and play

    Switch travel lock, long press the power button to turn on or off to prevent accidental touch and turn on

    Reviews ( 8 )
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