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    • Electric Shaver for Men: Comfortable and Clean Shaving, Full Body Washable

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    • A new shaving experience, enjoy comfortable and clean shaving.Multi-function, multi-effect grooming, comfortable and clean shaving.Six core technologies, every detail is meticulous.Multi-effect grooming.Facelift. Full body washable.Comfortable shaving.Lasting battery life.USB charging.Powerful power.
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    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Product Features:

    A new shaving experience, enjoy comfortable and clean shaving

    Multi-function, multi-effect grooming, comfortable and clean shaving

    Six core technologies, every detail is meticulous

    Multi-effect grooming


    Full body washable

    Comfortable shaving

    Lasting battery life

    USB charging

    Powerful power

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Product Model: V-513

    Product Color: Dark Blue, Coffee

    Charging Method: USB Charging

    Cutter Head Type: Three-dimensional Floating Cutter Head

    Product Name: Electric Shaver

    Washing Method: Full Body Washable

    Rated Voltage: 5V--USB

    Product Size: 1006075mm

    Product Benefits:

    Powerful shaving, clean and slag-free, and be a stylish man

    Every morning, start with a surprising shave, transform yourself into a refreshing and confident person at all times

    Automatic grinding cutter head, the sharper it is, the more you use it

    When shaving, the cutter net and the blade operate alternately, and the more you use it, the sharper it becomes. There is no need to replace the cutter head frequently, and the sharpness does not decrease

    The floating close-fitting system is designed for contours

    The triangular three-blade design adapts to various facial contours and fits the skin seamlessly. The powerful shaving does not leave dead corners, interpreting a new realm

    Double-ring arc-shaped close-fitting cutter net

    The contact area is large, the number of back scrapes is small, and it is smooth and smooth

    Silky experience, every shave is relaxed and comfortable

    The double-ring arc-surface cutter net shaves smoothly, is skin-friendly and does not hurt the skin

    Two colors are available to choose your favorite

    There are two colors to choose from, calm dark blue and wise coffee. There is always one that will satisfy you

    USB fast charging, long battery life

    Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life, plug and play, no need to wait for makeup

    Detachable cutter head, easy to disassemble and clean

    The cutter head and cutter net can be easily disassembled, flexibly and conveniently cleaned without worry

    Support full body washing, one-key opening and closing of the cutter head for washing

    You can wash it however you want, clean it without worry, reject bacteria, and be healthy and hygienic

    Reviews ( 10 )
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