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    • Brand VOAUN
    • Multifunctional Electric Hair Clipper: USB Charging, Stainless Steel Cutter Head

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    • USB charging, stainless steel cutter head.18650 1500mAh lithium battery.LED digital power display.10 limit combs: 1.5MM 3MM 4.5MM 6MM 10MM 13MM 16MM 19MM 22MM 25MM.Styling as you wish, multi-functional hair clipper.Ten core technologies, highly recommended and cost-effective single product.
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    USB charging, stainless steel cutter head

    18650 1500mAh lithium battery

    LED digital power display

    10 limit combs: 1.5MM 3MM 4.5MM 6MM 10MM 13MM 16MM 19MM 22MM 25MM

    Styling as you wish, multi-functional hair clipper

    Ten core technologies, highly recommended and cost-effective single product

    Ceramic cutter head, strong power, long-lasting battery life, waterproof body, replaceable cutter head

    Dual-use charging and plugging, easy to hold, 3-hour fast charging, anti-stuck hair system, USB charging

    Multi-function electric grooming, haircutting/shaving/bald head/nose hair

    Versatile Hair Styling, controlled by me

    Multi-function grooming, creating the Hair Styling you want in your heart

    Multiple造型 accessories/fixed-length combs

    Trim hair of different lengths according to different parts, easily create versatile Hair Styling

    Various accessories

    Razor head, close to the skin and smooth, comfortable and clean

    Nose hair trimmer, trim nose hair and create a delicate Hair Styling

    Hair clipper head, does not get stuck, durable

    Carving cutter head,Carving a hairstyle is cooler

    Carbon steel cutter head, cut off immediately

    Sharp and wear-resistant, cut without getting stuck, R-shaped rounded design, smooth and round, does not hurt the skin

    Ceramic moving cutter head, gold carbon steel cutter head

    Real skin-friendly test

    No pain in the palm, no pain in the arm

    Multiple limit combs, you decide the length

    Easy to operate, even novices can easily get started

    Adjustable limit comb

    The length can be adjusted freely, making it easier and more convenient

    A razor that can cut hair

    Multi-purpose, can shave, cut hair, and groom, your ideal choice

    Comfortable to the touch

    High-frequency copper core motor

    Not only has a high-speed rotation speed, but also has a strong power

    7500 times/min

    The whole machine can be washed, and the broken hair and beard can be washed away

    The fuselage is highly waterproof, and the whole body can be washed with water to avoid the Hair residue of hair oil and grease and the growth of bacteria

    Reviews ( 15 )
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