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    • Smart Shaver: 3D Floating Shave, Full Body Washable

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    • Constant shaving, comfortable as one.Full body washable electric shaver.3D independent floating.Universal voltage.Full body washable.USB charging.Intelligent anti-pinch beard.Long-lasting battery life.
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    Product Name: Smart Shaver

    Product Features:

    Constant shaving, comfortable as one

    Full body washable electric shaver

    All efforts are made to make shaving easier

    Full body washable electric shaver

    3D independent floating

    Universal voltage

    Full body washable

    USB charging

    Intelligent anti-pinch beard

    Long-lasting battery life

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Smart Shaver

    Product Model: FB-512

    Rated Voltage: 5V

    Rated Current: 1A

    Charging Time: about 2 hours

    Endurance: about 60 minutes

    Product Accessories: host, USB charging cable, cutter head protective cover, cleaning brush, manual

    Product Benefits:

    3D floating shave for a cleaner shave

    Full body washable electric shaver

    The cutter head is automatically ground

    Double-ring close-fitting cutter net

    Floating three-blade head

    Imported cutter head net increases the shaving experience

    The double-ring cutter net increases the area for the beard to enter, and the shaving speed is faster. The skin is not irritated, and the shaving is more comfortable

    IPX7 waterproof can be directly cleaned and rinsed

    High waterproof level, the whole machine can be rinsed, convenient and quick, and the company is not subject to any constraints

    The appearance of the ion plating process is pleasing to the eye

    The front of the fuselage adopts ion plating technology, which makes it shine like a mirror

    Intelligent anti-pinch beard supports dry and wet shaving

    The cutter net is gently attached to the skin, providing a comfortable experience throughout the process, and can be used wet or dry

    Global universal voltage supports USB car charging, notebook, car, power bank, etc. can be charged to meet the multiple needs of business people

    Global universal voltage


    Direct charging and USB charging travel without worry

    Intelligent reminder safety protection lock

    The shaver body is equipped with 4 indicator lights, which give you different reminder functions according to different scenarios, and are considerate for you

    Cleaning light

    Safety lock light

    Battery indicator light

    Running light

    Multi-purpose, more beautiful and stylish

    The cutter head can be disassembled, and the constant shaving strength can meet all your needs for face

    A more professional razor, 360° without leaving dead ends, makes you radiant every day

    Cassette facial cleanser, enjoy a cleaner way of cleansing than cleaning by hand

    Trim nose hair, ear hair, etc., clean and tidy away from embarrassment

    Trim long beard, sideburns and hair on both sides

    Reviews ( 27 )
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