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    • Professional Barber Classic Sideburn Razor: Three-blade Independent Floating, 2#600mAh Double-ring Close-fitting Cutter Net

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    • Three-blade independent floating for a closer shave.2#600mAh double-ring close-fitting cutter net for a more comfortable shave.IPX7 waterproof for safe use in the shower.Pop-up sideburn knife for easy trimming.Dry and wet dual shaving technology for convenience.Charging base charging is convenient to use.
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    Product Name: Professional Barber Classic Sideburn Razor

    Product Features:

    Three-blade independent floating

    2#600mAh double-ring close-fitting cutter net

    IPX7 waterproof

    Pop-up sideburn knife

    Dry and wet dual shaving technology

    Charging base charging is convenient to use

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Sideburn Razor

    Blade and Net Material: Stainless steel

    Body Size: 166.47CM

    Usage Time: 45-60 minutes

    Power: 3W

    Cleaning Method: The cutter head can be washed with water

    Package Weight: 482g

    Carton Size: 57.5X47X39CM

    Model: RSM-1302

    Net Weight: 196g

    Charging Time: 8H

    Rated Voltage: 220-240V

    Power Supply: Adapter charging

    Package Size: 185X70X210MM

    Carton Quantity: 48

    Carton Weight: 23/22.5KG

    Product Benefits:

    The blade and cutter net are made of stainless steel, and the cutter head is precision-cut.

    The cutter net is round and smooth, and the cutter head is sharp and wear-resistant.

    Up and down 16° floating, 360° floating cutter head.

    The power adapter is charged, and the 2*600mAh nickel-chromium battery is charged for 8 hours and used for 45 minutes.

    The battery is durable.

    Pop-up sideburn knife, gently push the sideburn knife to pop up.

    Not only clean shaving, but also clean trimming.

    Dry and wet dual shaving technology, IPX7 waterproof.

    The charging base charging is convenient to use.

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