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    • Electric WIFI-enabled dental scaler for removing tartar, home dental cleaner for teeth cleaning

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    • The Smart Visual Teeth Cleaner is a professional handheld tooth cleaning tool that features 4 adjustable cleaning modes, Wi-Fi connectivity for visual cleaning, 3 LED lights, Type-C charging, a built-in storage compartment, IPX6 waterproof rating, 38,000 times/min sonic vibrations, 30W pixel HD endoscope, medical-grade stainless steel dental cleaning tips, and automatic power-off after 20 minutes of use. Achieve a deeper clean, remove plaque and tartar effectively, and improve oral hygiene with the Smart Visual Teeth Cleaner.
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    Product Name: Smart Visual Teeth Cleaner

    Product Features:

    4 adjustable cleaning modes

    Wi-Fi connectivity for visual cleaning

    3 LED lights for clear illumination

    Type-C charging for convenience

    Built-in storage compartment for accessories

    IPX6 waterproof rating for safe use

    38,000 times/min sonic vibrations for effective cleaning

    30W pixel HD endoscope for precise cleaning

    Medical-grade stainless steel dental cleaning tips

    Automatic power-off after 20 minutes of use

    Product Benefits:

    Achieve a deeper clean than traditional brushing and flossing

    Remove plaque, tartar, and stains effectively

    Improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease

    Gentle enough for sensitive teeth

    Easy to use with visual cleaning and adjustable modes

    Safe and convenient with IPX6 waterproof rating and built-in storage

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Smart Visual Teeth Cleaner

    Product Material: ABS

    Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz

    Image Transmission: 30 frames/second

    Battery Capacity: 350mAh

    Charging Time: 2 hours

    Input Parameters: 5V=0.4A

    Working Voltage: 3.7V

    Rated Power: 0.4W

    Lens Diameter: 3.5mm

    Best Focal Length: 1.4-1.8cm

    Camera Pixels: 30W

    Package Size: 9.820.63.4cm/0.13kg

    Packing Information: 52.523.545cm/7.2kg/60pcs

    Package Contents: Main unit * 1, Storage box * 1, Pointed tip * 1, Flat tip * 1, TPC cable * 1, Manual * 1, Small wrench * 1

    Product Certifications: CE/ROHS/FCC

    Reviews ( 19 )
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