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    • Muscle massage gun, sports muscle relaxer, electric portable massager for myofascial release

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    • Experience deep tissue massage with the Smart Fascia Gun. Featuring 4 specialized massage heads, intelligent chip for precise targeting, and a powerful motor with 6 adjustable speeds, this fascia gun provides customized relief for muscle stiffness, soreness, and fatigue. Enjoy a quiet and comfortable massage with its ultra-quiet operation and stylish design.
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    Product Name: Smart Fascia Gun

    Product Features:

    Professional-grade massage with 4 specialized massage heads

    Deep tissue massage for targeted relief

    Intelligent chip for precise massage targeting

    Convenient touch button control

    Ultra-quiet operation at 45dB

    Stylish and trendy design in four color options

    Product Benefits:

    Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise

    Accelerate deep relaxation with fascia gun therapy

    Warm up muscles before exercise

    Soothe tense muscles during exercise

    Recover after exercise and eliminate fatigue and soreness

    Upgraded Massage Heads for Targeted Relief:

    Ball massage head: Suitable for large muscle groups such as pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi

    Cone massage head: Suitable for deep tissue impact such as meridians, palms, and soles

    U-shaped massage head: Suitable for massaging the neck and cervical spine

    Wolf tooth massage head: Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts, deep stimulation of legs, buttocks, etc.

    Multi-faceted User Experience for Muscle Soreness Relief:

    High-frequency tapping can relieve muscle fatigue

    Five Major Upgrades for a Brand-New Experience:

    Powerful motor

    6 adjustable speed levels

    Large-capacity lithium battery

    Intelligent chip

    High-speed noise reduction motor

    Powerful and Quiet Motor:

    3200 RPM high-speed impact

    Deep tissue fascia massage

    45dB low noise operation, quiet and gentle without disturbing others

    Intelligent Silent Chip for Efficient and Quiet Operation:

    Original short-circuit overload protection, rapid response to instructions

    Touch Button Control for One-handed Operation:

    Up to 6 levels of vibration intensity adjustment, easily adapting to various usage scenarios, meeting the needs of different people, and providing you with a unique experience.

    Long-lasting Battery Life for Continuous Massage and Relaxation:

    High-efficiency lithium battery with built-in pressure feedback system to ensure intelligent and lasting power output.

    Stable power consumption

    Long battery life

    Safe circuitry

    15-minute Intelligent Shutdown Protection for Thoughtful Care:

    The duration of using the massage gun varies depending on the body part. To avoid prolonged massage on the same area, which may damage muscles and bones, the fascia gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection. It will automatically stop after 15 minutes of continuous use, providing scientific and considerate protection.

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Smart Fascia Gun

    Product Weight: Approximately 0.46KG

    Interface Type: Type-C

    Output Voltage: 7.4V

    Product Colors: Black/Gray/Red/Green

    Battery Life: Approximately 2 hours

    Handle Material: ABS Plastic

    Body Material: ABS Plastic

    Product Dimensions: 142mm*140mm*56mm

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