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    • 2 Lightweight Badminton Rackets - Carbon Fiber Graphite Set

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    • Dominate the court with these lightweight carbon fiber badminton rackets! Perfect for beginners, adults & youth, this 2-pack offers explosive power & pinpoint accuracy for all skill levels. Built for comfort & control, the ergonomic grip & shock absorption minimize fatigue. Enjoy fun & healthy workouts with friends, improve reflexes & agility, and smash your competition! Includes 2 rackets & a full cover. Order yours today!
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    Product Description

    Dominate the court with our 2-pack of high-performance badminton rackets!

    Engineered for precision and power:

    Lightweight carbon fiber construction for enhanced maneuverability and explosive swings.

    Ultra-strong graphite shaft delivers optimal flex and resilience for pinpoint accuracy.

    Advanced aerodynamic design reduces air resistance for faster swing speeds.

    Unmatched control and comfort:

    Perfectly balanced for effortless handling and lightning-fast reflexes.

    Ergonomic grip provides a secure and comfortable hold.

    Built-in shock absorption minimizes arm fatigue and vibration.

    Ideal for all skill levels:

    Beginners will appreciate the forgiving sweet spot and easy handling.

    Intermediate players will love the increased power and precision.

    Advanced players will benefit from the enhanced control and responsiveness.

    Perfect for recreational and competitive play:

    Dominate your opponents in friendly matches or competitive tournaments.

    Enjoy a fun and healthy workout with friends and family.

    Improve your hand-eye coordination, agility, and reflexes.


    2 x Badminton rackets

    1 x Full cover

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - order your 2-pack of badminton rackets today!

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    Product Specifications:

    Material: Carbon fiber, graphite

    Weight: 85g (each)

    Length: 675mm (each)

    Balance point: 295mm (each)

    Grip size: G5

    Recommended string tension: 24-26lbs

    Features: High-elasticity carbon fiber, stable hitting, lightweight


    Increased power and precision

    Enhanced control and comfort

    Suitable for all skill levels

    Ideal for recreational and competitive play


    We offer a lifetime free restringing service for our badminton rackets. You can contact us via email or submit a ticket to provide your order number and product model. Please note that the customer is responsible for the shipping cost.

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