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    • Aluminum Carbon Badminton Racket Set for Beginners & Defensive Players

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    • Dominate the backcourt with control & power! This aluminum carbon badminton set (2 rackets + bag) is perfect for beginners & defensive players. The lightweight design (87g) offers effortless swings, while the large sweet spot forgives off-center hits. The aluminum alloy frame ensures durability, and the high-elastic carbon fiber shaft delivers explosive smashes for surprise attacks. Experience superior control with the comfortable grip for fatigue-free play.
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        • Rose Red-Aluminum alloy-Double Rackets
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        • Black-Aluminum alloy-Double Rackets
        • Purple-High-elastic carbon fiber composite-Double Rackets
        • Black-High-elastic carbon fiber composite-Double Rackets
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    Elevate your badminton game with this aluminum carbon badminton racket set! Designed for beginners and defensive players, this set includes 2 rackets that offer superior control and enhanced durability. The large sweet spot provides forgiveness on off-center hits, while the high-elastic carbon fiber delivers explosive power and precise control.

    Engineered for Excellence:

    Durable Construction: Aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber shaft for unrivaled strength and stability.

    Large Sweet Spot: Maximizes the sweet spot for consistent, powerful smashes.

    High-Elastic Carbon Fiber: Delivers explosive power and precise control.

    Comfortable Grip: Offers a secure and comfortable grip for fatigue-free play.

    Set Includes:

    2 x Badminton Rackets

    1 x Badminton Carrying Bag

    Perfect for:


    Defensive Players

    Recreational Players

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