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    • Soccer Ball Size 5, Official Match Ball, PU Leather,for Adults and Professionals

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    • World Cup soccer ball, size 5, made of high-quality PU leather, machine-stitched, wear-resistant, durable, with good airtightness, waterproof, and leak-proof. Inspired by Qatari culture, the ball features a unique triangular patchwork design. Butyl Bladder, nylon winding, and thickened PU leather ensure the ball's performance and longevity. Suitable for adults and professionals, training, and competitions.
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        • Sewing World Cup(SIZE 5)
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    Model: World Cup Soccer Ball

    Specifications: Size 5

    Material: PU leather

    Stitching method: Machine-stitched

    Weight: 420-445g

    Applicable people: Recommended for students over 10 years old and adults

    Applicable venues: Grass, beach, rainy ground

    Product Features

    Training and competition football

    Wear-resistant and durable

    Good airtightness

    Waterproof and leak-proof

    Diameter: 21.5cm

    Circumference: 68-70cm

    (International standard football)

    Design Inspiration

    The color design is inspired by Qatari culture, architecture, iconic yachts, and the national flag.

    The triangular patchwork design is inspired by Qatari architecture and the national flag.

    Strong elasticity, you need a good ball

    Butyl Bladder/Nylon winding/PU leather

    Thickened and wear-resistant PU

    Glossy thickened PU leather, resistant to kicking

    Does not hurt the feet, comfortable foot feel

    Butyl synthetic rubber Bladder

    Can withstand the foot strength of professional athletes without deformation.

    Selected nylon winding

    Precision nylon winding makes the football more solid,

    Increasing flight stability.

    Thickened PU leather

    Thickened PU, resistant to kicking and wear, comfortable foot feel, environmentally friendly and odorless waterproof material, safe and non-toxic

    Good quality in the details of a good ball, see the details

    Tight machine sewing process

    The stitching is tight, neat, and not easy to open, ensuring the stability and airtightness of the football.

    Inflate 6-8 pounds of high-grade football

    Over-inflation can cause the ball to burst.


    Butyl leak-proof

    Good airtightness, leak-proof, and water-resistant

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