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    • Brand RICHO
    • Electronic hand grip strengthener with counter, adjustable arm strength training fitness equipment

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    • Train hand and arm strength with this smart electronic counting hand gripper. Adjustable resistance, TPE handles, and electronic counter for efficient workouts
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    • Color of Hand Gripper
        • Stardust Grey - Upgraded Electronic Counting
        • Sky Blue - Upgraded Electronic Counting
        • Sky Blue - Mechanical Counting
        • Marcalan - Upgraded Electronic Counting
        • Marcalan - Mechanical Counting
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    Product Details:

    Enhance your hand and arm strength with this adjustable electronic counting hand gripper. It features electronic display and weight adjustment capabilities for personalized workouts. The upgraded electronic counter displays up to four digits and can be reset with a single press. Crafted with TPE handles for comfort and safety, it offers a wide resistance range from 5-60kg. Convenient and versatile, it's suitable for various fitness enthusiasts.


    Material: PP Plastic

    Resistance Range: 5-60kg

    Features: Electronic counting, weight adjustment

    Handle Material: TPE

    Usage: Suitable for hand and arm strength training

    Color: Multiple options available

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