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    • Soft Kettlebell for Women - Strength Training for Glutes and Arms, Various Weights Available

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    • Shape your body with this soft kettlebell, perfect for women's glute and arm strength training. Available in various weights for all fitness levels
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        • Carolina Blue - 12KG
        • Carolina Blue - 10KG
        • Carolina Blue - 8KG
        • Carolina Blue - 6KG
        • Sakura Pink - 8KG
        • Sakura Pink - 6KG
        • Sakura Pink - 5KG
        • Sakura Pink - 4KG
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    Enhance your workout with this soft kettlebell, designed for women's deep squat training and glute strength. Featuring an elastic outer layer for added protection, it prevents injuries for beginners with upgraded craftsmanship. Just 15 minutes a day helps sculpt a captivating figure, shaping sexy peach buttocks. Ideal for hip lifting, arm slimming, and overall body shaping, it's made of PVC with dense steel sand for safe and comfortable use. The matte grip ensures a secure hold, even during intense workouts.


    Material: Outer PVC, Inner Steel Sand

    Weight Options: 4KG, 6KG, 8KG, 10KG, 12KG

    Recommended for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

    No fitness foundation/beginners/low strength: Glute training - 5KG (11LB)/6KG (13.2LB)

    Have fitness foundation/beginners: Weight loss and shaping - 6KG (13.2LB)

    Have fitness foundation/frequent exercise: Weighted fat burning/weight loss and shaping - 8KG (17.6LB)/10KG (22LB)

    Experienced fitness/expert: Weighted fat burning/strength training - 10KG (22LB)/12KG (26.4LB)

    Recommendations for multiple weights can be combined to choose according to individual requirements for weight.

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