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    • Foam Floating Yoga Column Home Fitness Body Sculpting Floating Point Massage Roller

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    • Elevate your fitness routine with our versatile Foam Floating Yoga Column. Crafted from durable EVA material, it offers effective muscle relaxation and fascia relief. Compact and portable, perfect for home or office use. Enhance your workouts with this essential tool.
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    • Color and Size of Yoga Pillar
        • Pink Purple 60X14.5cm
        • Pink Purple 45X14.5cm
        • Pink Purple 30X14.5cm
        • Black White 60X14.5cm
        • Black White 45X14.5cm
        • Black White 30X14.5cm
        • Pink Blue 60X14.5cm
        • Pink Blue 45X14.5cm
        • Pink Blue 30X14.5cm
        • Pink 60X14.5cm
        • Pink 45X14.5cm
        • Pink 30X14.5cm
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    Product Description:

    This foam floating yoga column is an ideal choice for your home fitness routine. Made from high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) copolymer material, it offers excellent elasticity and durability. With a hardness of 35°, it is suitable for beginners. Crafted with solid construction, it can effectively bear a load of up to 200kg, ensuring your safety. This yoga column features a unique design for full-body massage, aiding in fascia relaxation and relieving soreness. It can be used for massages on the legs, back, hips, and waist, catering to your various needs.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

    Dimensions: Available in multiple sizes

    30X14.5cm: Suitable for office massages targeting arms, shoulders, and neck.

    45X14.5cm: Medium size, suitable for muscle relaxation training on limbs.

    60X14.5cm: Standard size, suitable for most regular training routines.

    Colors: Available in multiple colors

    Pink Blue

    Black White

    Pink Purple



    Hardness: 35°

    Load Capacity: 200kg

    Product Features:

    Solid construction for durability

    Multi-functional massage for full-body relaxation

    Compact size for easy portability

    Suitable for various training needs

    Notes: Please select the appropriate size and color based on personal preferences. Exercise caution during use to avoid injury.

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