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    • Muscle Relaxation Electric Percussion Gun: Sports fitness stick, fascia gun massage gun

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    • Experience deep tissue massage with the Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Featuring a powerful motor, 6 adjustable speed levels, and a long-lasting battery, this massage gun provides customized relief for muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension. Enjoy a quiet and comfortable massage with its noise reduction technology and ergonomic design.
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    Product Name: Deep Tissue Massage Gun

    Product Features:

    Powerful motor for deep tissue massage

    6-speed adjustable intensity levels

    Long-lasting battery life for up to 120 minutes of use

    Quiet operation with noise reduction technology

    Ergonomic design for comfortable use

    Detachable massage heads for targeted relief

    Safety features including short circuit protection and overheating protection

    Product Benefits:

    Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness

    Improve blood circulation

    Promote relaxation and reduce stress

    Enhance athletic performance

    Accelerate muscle recovery after workouts

    Product Specifications:

    Vibration Frequency: 50-60Hz

    Input Voltage: 110-240V

    Interface Type: DC, 26V=1A

    Battery: DC input 8.4V/1A

    Battery Type: High-energy lithium battery

    Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

    Massage Gun Speed: 1200~3300 RPM

    Rated Power: 24W

    Rated Voltage: 7.4-12V

    Reviews ( 29 )
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