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    • Brand AMYUP
    • Upgrade Your Yoga Practice with our Wave Pattern EVA Foam Roller

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    • Elevate your yoga sessions with our Wave Pattern EVA Foam Roller. Its versatile design offers deep tissue relief and gentle massages, enhancing muscle flexibility and relieving tension. Crafted from durable EVA and PVC materials, it ensures durability and comfort.
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    • Color and Size of Yoga Pillar
        • Purple White 45cm X 14cm
        • Gray White 45cm X 14cm
        • Green White 45cm X 14cm
        • Pink Blue 45cm X 14cm
        • Pink Purple 45cm X 14cm
        • Purple White 33cm X 14cm
        • Gray White 33cm X 14cm
        • Green White 33cm X 14cm
        • Pink Blue 33cm X 14cm
        • Pink Purple 33cm X 14cm
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    Product Description:

    Our EVA Foam Roller, featuring a wave pattern design, enhances your yoga practice and body shaping experience. Available in various colors and sizes, including Pink Purple, Pink Blue, Green White, Gray White, and Purple White, each measuring 33cm X 14cm or 45cm X 14cm. The wave pattern provides a deep tissue massage experience, relieving muscle tension and shaping your body. The fine edge wave pattern offers a gentle massage, while the widened wave pattern gradually stretches your muscles for comfort. Alleviate fatigue and enhance body contours with this 360° massage design. The striped camouflage pattern adds style. Made from high-quality EVA and PVC materials for durability and comfort.

    Key Features:

    Wave pattern design for deep tissue massage

    Fine edge wave pattern for gentle massage

    Widened wave pattern for gradual muscle stretching

    Alleviates fatigue and enhances body contours

    360° massage design for a pain-free experience

    Striped camouflage pattern for style

    Made from high-quality EVA and PVC materials

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