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    • Brand LYDOO
    • SP Kobe Bryant Signature Basketball, Size 7, Wear-resist, Non-slip, High-elastic, Adults, Street BB

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    • basketball, size 7, made of high-quality wear-resistant PU leather, non-slip, high-elastic, with Butyl Bladder, nylon winding, and rubber middle tire. Thickened PU leather for a comfortable feel, high-performance professional basketball Bladder, high-quality thickened and wear-resistant PU leather, high-density nylon winding, high air-tightness Butyl Bladder, professional-grade rubber middle tire. Suitable for adults, street basketball, training, indoor and outdoor venues. Signature Edition.
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    • Basketball Colors and Sizes
        • Black GEAR (Size 7)
        • Black HIBBETT (Size 7)
        • Kobe Bryant Memorial Edition (Size 7)
        • Kobe Bryant Gold Logo 24 (Size 7)
        • Kobe Bryant Signature (Size 7)
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    Model: Basketball

    Specifications: Size 7

    Material: Butyl Bladder, nylon winding, rubber middle tire


    High elasticity



    Customization: Customization supported

    Applicable Venues: Indoor and outdoor

    Product Features

    Thickened PU leather for a comfortable feel

    Adopts high-quality thickened PU leather, with excellent performance, enhancing grip, and concave groove design, making it more non-slip and durable.

    High-performance professional basketball Bladder Butyl Bladder, not easy to leak.

    High-quality thickened and wear-resistant PU leather

    Adopts high-quality PU leather, wear-resistant and durable, moisture-absorbing and non-slip.

    High-density nylon winding

    The high-density nylon winding can make the basketball rebound more smoothly and not easily deformed.

    High air-tightness Butyl Bladder

    The selected high air-tightness Butyl Bladder has good air-tightness and is not easy to leak.

    Professional-grade rubber middle tire

    Professional-grade rubber middle tire can provide better touch and better controllability.

    Increase spin

    Enhance grip

    Improved control performance

    Non-slip cross-groove design improves grip, helping you control the court

    Adopts high-performance thickened PU leather, non-slip and wear-resistant, excellent hand feel, strong and durable

    Indoor and outdoor venues are optional

    Fearless terrain

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