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    • Brand Fan.M
    • Dual-use cordless fitness jump rope with weighted big balls, ideal for indoor sports and workouts

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    • Cordless weighted ball jump rope for effortless fitness sculpting! Built-in weighted iron blocks intensify workouts, boosting fat-burning speed. Comfortable grip, versatile for any space, helping you shape your body anytime, anywhere!
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        • Classic Black-Cordless-Big Ball
        • Classic Black-Cordless-Small Ball
        • Peacock Blue-Cordless-Big Ball
        • Peacock Blue-Cordless-Small Ball
        • Pink-Cordless-Big Ball
        • Pink-Cordless-Small Ball
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    Product Features:

    Cordless design with weighted ball for effective fitness and sculpting.

    6 major functional upgrades including weight loss, comfortable grip, and non-slip features.

    Built-in weighted iron blocks enhance calorie burning and sweating during workouts.

    Large 75cm diameter ball provides a comfortable and realistic jumping experience.

    Durable self-lubricating bearings ensure smooth and quiet jumping sessions.

    Upgraded thickened rope for stability and durability, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Applicable Scene: Indoor and outdoor fitness

    Advantages and Benefits:

    Convenient and space-saving design for fitness anytime, anywhere.

    Accelerated fat burning and muscle sculpting with added weight feature.

    Versatile use for both fitness and post-workout muscle massage.

    High-quality materials and construction ensure long-lasting performance.

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