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    • Wireless electronic counting jump rope for fitness, burns fat, suitable for children

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    • Easily adjust the length of our durable jump rope for family-friendly workouts. Made from high-quality PVC and steel wire, it's flexible, tangle-free, and long-lasting. Ideal for versatile exercises indoors and outdoors
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    Product Description:

    The Family Jump Rope Set is the ideal choice for your family fitness needs, featuring adjustable length for various heights. Constructed with PVC and steel wire, it ensures durability and flexibility, preventing tangling and extending its lifespan. The handle has a diameter of 30mm, made from ABS material, with a rope diameter of 4.5mm and a weight of 182g. The included weighted ball has a diameter of 32mm and a rope length of 30cm, weighing 22g. With a handle length of 167mm and a rope length of 300cm, it accommodates various workout routines. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it provides a reliable and efficient exercise solution.

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    Product Parameters:

    Dimensions: Handle diameter 30mm, weighted ball diameter 32mm, handle length 167mm, rope length 300cm, weighted ball rope length 30cm

    Material: PVC, steel wire, ABS

    Weight: Jump rope 182g, weighted ball 22g

    Suitable Scenes: Indoor and outdoor

    Target Audience: Family fitness, children, adults

    Colors: Available colors

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