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    • Brand RICHO
    • Electronic hand grip strengthener with counter, adjustable for arm strength training, fitness gear

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    • Enhance hand and finger strength with this adjustable digital hand gripper. Features LED display, stainless steel springs, and ergonomic rubber handles.
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    Product Details:

    Boost hand and finger strength with this adjustable digital hand gripper. Offering resistance from 10-120KG, it suits diverse training needs. The LED display tracks workout data, while the touch button ensures quick resetting. Crafted with durable stainless steel springs and ergonomic rubber handles, it guarantees comfort and durability. Ideal for athletes, students, and rehab, this gripper is a versatile fitness aid.


    Resistance Range: 10-120KG

    Materials: PP, Stainless Steel, Rubber

    Weight: 140-160g

    Dimensions: 16*12cm

    Usage: Mouse Hand / Fitness Enthusiast

    10-120KG resistance for versatile training

    Enhances grip strength and finger power

    10-30KG suitable for rehabilitation to improve finger strength

    10-50KG ideal for students in high school to relieve stress

    10-80KG suitable for adult men to enhance finger flexibility

    10-120KG perfect for fitness enthusiasts to boost wrist strength

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