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    • EVA Yoga Brick for Beginners & Posture Correction (Misty Blue/Pink/Green)

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    • This EVA yoga brick is a great tool for beginners and experienced yogis alike. It can help you improve your alignment, deepen your stretches, and modify poses. The brick is made of durable EVA foam and is available in three colors: misty blue, pink, and green. It is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you to yoga class or the gym
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        • Bean Green 110-120g
        • Fairy Pink 110-120g
        • Misty Blue 110-120g
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    Elevate your yoga and dance practice with the supportive High-Density EVA Yoga Brick! Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike, this versatile brick helps you:

    Master Poses with Confidence: Achieve proper form and alignment in yoga postures with the brick's stable support.

    Deepen Your Stretches Safely: Extend your reach and improve flexibility without risking strains or injuries. The brick provides gentle assistance for deeper stretches.

    Modify for Optimal Results: The brick allows you to comfortably adjust poses to your current flexibility level, ensuring a safe and effective practice.

    Made with You in Mind:

    Beginner-Friendly: This lightweight and supportive brick is ideal for those new to yoga or dance, helping you build confidence and proper technique.

    Eco-Conscious Material: Crafted from high-quality, biodegradable EVA foam, free from PVC and heavy metals, this brick is kind to you and the environment.

    Available Colors:

    Misty Blue

    Fairy Pink

    Bean Green

    Weight: 110-120g

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