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    • Brand RICHO
    • Sand-style skipping rope with counter, children's electronic fitness sports equipment.

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    • Introducing SmallJump Electronic Speed Jump Rope, crafted specifically for kids! With its segmental design and scientific approach based on Bernoulli's principle, this rope effortlessly boosts speed, ideal for middle schoolers, elementary students, and children alike. The thick ends and thin middle reduce whipping difficulty, while the straight-insert self-locking patented structure ensures easy throwing. Equipped with a dual-bearing single handle, precise counting is guaranteed by the dual Hall lock-in sensor and LED matrix display. Plus, its TYPE-C charging interface and adjustable length cater to various heights, eliminating return hassles. Crafted from ABS, stainless steel, and PVC, it promises durability, with care instructions included. Perfect for school, playground, and sports training!
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    • Color and Typle/Size of Jump Rope
        • Lemon Yellow-Advanced Speed-Up Edition
        • Bubble Green-Advanced Speed-Up Edition
        • Karo Blue-Advanced Speed-Up Edition
        • Sakura Pink-Advanced Speed-Up Edition
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    Product Features:

    Segmental design for effortless speed increase, ideal for middle schoolers, elementary students, and children.

    Rope with thick ends and thin middle reduces whipping difficulty and enhances skipping efficiency.

    Scientific design based on Bernoulli's principle reduces air resistance, making skipping lighter and faster.

    Single-handle with dual-bearing design offers an ultra-high-speed bearing experience.

    Straight-insert self-locking patented structure enables easy rope throwing, lighter and more effortless.

    Dual Hall lock-in sensor ensures precise counting, while the LED matrix display shows workout data.

    Simple operation, single-click mode switch, double-click to clear, easy for children to handle.

    TYPE-C charging interface for durability, no need to replace batteries.

    Adjustable length suits children of different heights, eliminating the hassle of returns.

    Newly improved silicone-modified PVC rope is wear-resistant and cold-resistant, with a U-shaped design that prevents tangling.

    Product Specifications:

    Materials: ABS/304 stainless steel/PVC

    Handle Size: 125mmX20mm

    Rope Length: 2.80m (adjustable)

    Color Discrepancy: Actual product color may vary slightly from images.

    Care Instructions: Hand wash rope with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and friction.

    Adjustment Steps:

    Unscrew the lid.

    Pull out the rope and cut to desired length.

    Insert the rope back in.

    Replace the lid.

    Jumping rope is a simple yet effective aerobic exercise that not only enhances cardiovascular health and endurance but also tones muscles and improves coordination. Selecting the appropriate length of the jump rope is crucial for effective practice. Below is a reference table correlating height with rope length:

    Height/cm Rope Length/m








    When choosing a jump rope, it's important to select one that corresponds to your height. This ensures that the rope's length is just right, neither too long to affect speed and agility nor too short to trip over easily.

    Additionally, mastering the techniques and following precautions are essential:

    Choose a suitable surface: Select a flat, obstacle-free surface for jumping to prevent accidents.

    Maintain basic posture: Stand with feet together, body upright, grip the jump rope handles, with hands at the sides.

    Master basic movements: Use the ankles as the axis, complete jumping actions by jumping and landing with both feet, allowing arms to swing naturally, and maintain even breathing.

    Gradually increase difficulty: Beginners can start with simple single jumps and gradually try more challenging moves like alternating foot jumps and cross jumps.

    Pay attention to jumping frequency and time: Adjust jumping frequency and duration according to personal fitness levels, gradually increasing difficulty and duration.

    Maintain patience and perseverance: Jumping rope requires consistency and patience. Continuously improve skill levels during practice.

    Through consistent practice and continuous challenges, you'll master jumping rope techniques and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits it brings.

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