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    • [2 Pack] Badminton Rackets - Carbon Fiber, Lightweight, Powerful, Large Sweet Spot

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    • Dominate the court with this 2-pack of advanced, lightweight carbon fiber badminton rackets. Engineered for training and improvement, these rackets provide effortless maneuverability for powerful smashes and precise control. The large sweet spot is forgiving for beginners, while the high-elastic string and groove frame offer superior accuracy on every shot. Experience the thrill of badminton and elevate your game to the next level!
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    Product Description:

    Experience the thrill of badminton with this pair of advanced carbon fiber rackets. Designed for training and improvement, these rackets offer lightweight maneuverability and powerful shots. The large sweet spot face provides a forgiving hitting zone, while the high-elastic string and groove frame deliver enhanced control and precision.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: Carbon fiber

    Frame Material: Carbon fiber

    String Material: Nylon

    Handle Material: Wood

    Racket Weight: 82±2g

    String Tension: ≤30

    Racket Length: 675±2 mm

    Type: Offensive and defensive

    Package: 2 rackets

    Product Advantages:

    Enhanced Performance: Lightweight design and powerful carbon fiber construction enable effortless swings and powerful smashes.

    Increased Accuracy: Large sweet spot face allows for more forgiving shots, even for beginners.

    Superior Control: High-elastic string and groove frame provide precise control over every shot.

    Durable Construction: Integrated T-joint and reinforced frame ensure long-lasting performance.

    Comfortable Grip: Non-slip shock-absorbing handle offers a comfortable and secure grip.

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