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    • Soccer Ball Size 5, Soft PU Leather Football,Standard Size, Suitable for Various Venues

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    • soccer ball, size 5, made of soft PU leather, machine-stitched, standard size, excellent performance, suitable for various venues such as grass, beach, and plastic venues. With nylon winding inner, it is not easy to deform and has high elasticity. Special process treatment, environmentally friendly PU material, soft and elastic, enhances the ball feel.
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    • Football Colors and Sizes
        • Colorful Yellow(Size 5)
        • Whirlwind Blue(Size 5)
        • Colorful Green(Size 5)
        • Colorful Blue(Size 5)
        • Classic Blue and White(Size 5)
        • Classic Black and White(Size 5)
        • Classic Red and White(Size 5)
        • Black Five-pointed Star Thickened(Size 5)
        • Blue Five-pointed Star Thickened(Size 5)
        • Red Five-pointed Star Thickened(Size 5)
        • Colorful Orange(Size 5)
        • Bright Yellow(Size 5)
        • Bright Red(Size 5)
        • Bright Black and White(Size 5)
        • Fluorescent Orange(Size 5)
        • Fluorescent Blue(Size 5)
        • Fluorescent Green(Size 5)
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    Model: ZF-40

    Specifications: Size 5

    Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange/Black/Fluorescent Green/Fluorescent Blue

    Process: Machine-stitched

    Material: Soft PU synthetic leather

    Size: Diameter about 21.5cm

    Performance: Soft, wear-resistant, high elasticity

    Applicable venues: Grass, beach, plastic venues, etc.

    Product Features

    Standard size, excellent performance

    Standard size 5, balanced weight ratio, stable flight trajectory, and suitable for various weather conditions

    Size 5 football is suitable for:

    (10 years old and above or 11-a-side football match)

    Diameter: 215mm

    Weight: 410-450g

    The inner Bladder has nylon winding, making the ball not easy to deform and highly elastic

    Special process treatment

    Enjoy butyl Bladder plus nylon winding manufacturing, good airtightness, and not easy to deform ball body

    Environmentally friendly PU material

    Use high-elasticity environmentally friendly materials, multi-layer processing to improve the soft elasticity, the flight arc of the football, and enhance the ball feel


    Leak-proof Inflation valve, the ball body is attached with a sealed inflation hole

    One picture lets you understand the inflation process

    Note! After receiving the football, stretch it open before inflating it, otherwise the gas needle is easy to puncture the inner胆

    01 Open the package

    02 Stretch the football

    03 Pinch the Inflation valve

    04 Insert after moistening the gas needle with water

    05 Start inflating

    06 Inflation is complete

    The most suitable air pressure for inflation is when the ball is level with the waist, let go of the hand easily and let the ball fall freely. If it can bounce to the knee position, it is fine.

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